Day Trip To Shopping Paradise: Bicester Village!

Bicester Shopping Village is a fantastic day trip destination. Some pronounce it “Bichester” others “By-sester”. It is actually pronounced “Bister”.

There´s no denying that, everybody loves a good bargain. Especially when its good quality and designer scoops. So when Sunny suggested a shopping trip to Bicester Village, the designer outlet destination – I was there in a blink quite literally. The day was party sunny partly cloudy and it just took us an hour to reach our destination by train!

The village houses a range of the most stylish brands including ultra chic designer labels Gucci, Prada, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, Versaceand lots more. It is a shoppers dream with 130 boutiques each offering 60% discount all year round.

We ended up spending about more than 4 hours there, walking around the shops and shopping as everything there is much cheaper than the market price. We also saw a lot of tourist buses and I also think it is often included in part of the schedule of guided tours when tourists visit England.

There were some amazing deals at Kate Spade, Fossil, Swarovski, Calvin Klein, etc. and specially Pandora where you will find charms of previous seasons in case if you have missed and which are not available currently. You will surely be surprised with their pricing.

The shops are really well laid out, scattered with plenty of eateries like – Pret A Manger, ITSU, Farmshop, some small café’s, Ice-cream stands and more. I had a free range egg, cheese & mushroom crepe at Crêperie Angélie, freshly made to order in front of our eyes. Yummm… it was deliciously amazing, and with lots of butter & cheese it was quite filling. While Sunny had a vegetable gyoza at ITSU which was not bad. We packed some classic french macaroons at L’Orchidée. They had mouth-watering flavors like exotic fruits, crème brûlée, coconut, salted caramel, pistachio and lots. And they turned out to be the best macaroons I ever had. Also, I tried the Popcorn flavored ice cream at Snowflake Luxury Gelato, It was good!

We ended up shopping a lot than we had planned and thought. And of course, the factor being, the price is great compared to the retail price and I was very happy with the purchases we made.

At the end of the trip, we collected free cold pressed juices from The Farmshop Café (which we got after showing the bar-code received on registering on their official website, Make sure you do that before you plan your visit, for some treats and rewards!). We needed to refuel ourselves after a hard day of shopping & my day was totally the picture below at Bicester Village! 🛍😎


A Day Well Spent In Oxford!

On a Friday noon after lunch when I was just listing out the grocery shopping to do over the weekend, I got a text from Sunny (my husband) saying ‘Lets go to Oxford tomorrow’ while he was in the office. Felt excited with the thought of traveling to a new place and immediately started googling onto places to visit & things to do in Oxford.

If anywhere in Britain embodies our “Here Lived History” theme, it is impossible not to think of Oxford. And being a day trip, we jotted down some of the places we would like to visit first as it would not be possible to cover all the attractions. We reached at Oxford at 10:30 AM, the weather being winters was partly cloudy, cold and windy.

We visited The Ashmolean Museum, first ever public university museum, starting as a small 17th century collection of curiosities and portraits and now containing a wide collection of historical treasures include Egyptian mummies, Islamic art, Indian textiles, ancient documents, rare porcelain, tapestries, silverware, priceless musical instruments, extensive displays of European art housed in a beautiful old building.

Then we went to the Oxford museum of natural history, the neo-gothic building almost looked like it belonged to the harry potter world. It was splendid, a selection of dinosaurs and animal skeletons, the Dodo, stuffed animals and collection of minerals to mesmerize the little ones but plenty to absorb the older ones too.

We had lunch at Gee’s, a very pretty winter garden restaurant with excellent food which was at a walking distance from the museum. The Pumpkin soup and Pizetta is a must try!

Had a quick visit to the Queen’s College and Radcliffe Camera. Here many popular Bollywood movies like Salaam-E-Ishq, Desi Boys, Mohabattein etc. have been shot. From there we went to see the Christ Church Meadow. But unfortunately we couldn’t get inside as there was a long queue and less time in our hands to visit other places.

And then we found the Botanical Gardens and got a chance to escape the windy rain and totally fall in love with the glasshouses.  Each glasshouses had plants dripping from the walls and ceiling.  In one large glasshouse, there was a raised pond, filled with flowering lilies and small fish. There were scented exotic plants flowering in vibrant colors almost artificial looking. The last glasshouse that we went to turned out to be my favorite with a variety of Cactus plants. 🌵

Went to one of the oldest pubs in Oxford called The Bear Inn dating back to 1242! A distinctive feature of that place is a collection of over 4,500 snippets of club ties displayed in glass-fronted cases on the walls and even the (low) ceiling. It was very crowded but luckily we got a table to sit.

On our way back to the station around 6:30 PM we had a stop off at the Covered Market, there was a range of stalls from local producers selling souvenirs, shoes, fashion, flowers and jewellery, some branded shops as well as café’s and sandwich bars where you can eat in or grab something. I tried my first bubble – tea at Coba there. The Caramel bubble tea with tapioca pearls was really yummy and has become one of my favorite drinks now. Cant wait to try more new flavors in future.


Didn’t manage to go to all places listed down but it was an awesome & memorable trip! Will surely visit Oxford again 😊